Creating an Online Society
Thursday, 27 May 2010 13:28

Remembering to list your social networking websites helps your company's web presence. Listing your social sites helps to draw attention from different segments of your target audience. In essence, you are inviting them into a more dynamic relationship with your company. It becomes personal. The updates that your company posts, when done consistently and properly, feel 100% directed toward those individuals who access your company through social sites. This is a great way to keep customers interested and to foster new conversations with others who might be interested in your services. Social networking sites that your company is participating with should be linked through your company's main website. By linking all social networking sites and other sites your company has a presence, you create a unified circle. Each one should be consistent with the others. All should relate and interact to your company's main website.

Understanding that the most powerful advertising technique on the Internet is organic search results (ideally first page, in the top seven positions). Websites like along with Pay Per Click suggestion tools (from Google, etc) help to discover which search terms get the most search volume. Organic search engine results can be hard to achieve. One of the best checklists to help you get there is Vaughn’s list: