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Social Media Marketing assists your company in building web traffic, brand visibility and allows you to engage with customers in more than one unique way on the web. At Ándale we build websites that contain engaging and compelling reasons for your customers to visit your site multiple times. We incorporate Social Media Marketing as part of our web development services because there is a need to expand ones exposure beyond that typically associated with websites. Generating links, reviews and traffic from a company’s social sites via web widgets, RSS feeds, social network applications, reviews, videos, photos and unique content as well as messages that travel virally throughout Social Media News and Bookmarking increases the options a prospect has when learning about a company or product offering. Creating exposure through links and a presence on sites like Face Book, also improves a company’s profile in the organic search results of Google, Yahoo, MSN and other popular search engines.

Blogs, podcasts, wiki's, forums and other social media tools, can improve customer relationships by developing a deeper, two-way channel of communication between the customer and the company. Today, a business can take part in active discussions, receive feedback and build trust online. Social Media Campaigns that use these tools can help you turn your best customers into brand ambassadors. The rules on-line are continually changing. Embracing change is part of what we pride ourselves in providing to our clients.


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